Terms & Condition

  1. The Egnatium Office Portal program (the "Member") will make it simpler for you to keep track of learning contents sharing and practise. In addition, if you register your member with us (see ‘How to register your Member’ below) you may be able to access member only benefits.

    Member only benefits include:

    • You may participate on learning contents sharing and special rewards which may be offered from time to time ("Other Rewards").
    • The ability to introduce Members held by your bussiness colleagues or friends (see How to add members below) to your account to share Reward Points.

    You can join online at office.egnatium.net or download Egnatium Office Portal Mobile App from popular app store (Google Play, iStore or Windows Market Place). To register your Member visit the Egnatium Office Portal website ("Portal") or joining with Social media account such as Facebook or Google from Learning Mobile App.

  2. If you also wish to become an Egnatium Office Portal member you must first register your Member on our Portal. See "Other Rewards" below for more benefits of registering your Member.
    There is a limit of one registered Member per person.
    A registered Member is not transferable, and may only be used by the registered Membership. It is your responsibility to keep your personal details updated. If your personal details change and you fail to notify us of the change we might not be able to offer or provide to you the Other Rewards and may need to cancel your Member.
    If you no longer wish to be a member of the Learning reward program but still wish to continue to use your Member to store and redeem your accrued points then you can deactivate your Member by profile setting. By deactivating your Member you will no longer be able to share Learning of brands.

  3. If you register using the Membership you can participate custom survey Learning of selective brands, you will qualify for any Other Rewards which may be offered from time to time. Additional terms and conditions may apply to the Other Rewards promotions.
    Other Rewards include:

    • The ability to add Members held by your family (see ‘How to add your family or friends to your account to share reward points below).
    • Other Rewards also include bonus points and gift offers from clients of the Learning portal and other selected third party businesses ("Program Affiliates"). Other Rewards will accrue to the Member to which they are issued. Other Rewards can only be redeemed by that Membership and cannot be accessed by any additional Memberships.

    If at any time you do not wish to receive these Other Rewards from any one of our businesses or Program Affiliates you can click the unsubscribe link on an email that you have received from us.

  4. If you have registered your Member, you can add Members to your account which have been registered by your family or friends, either online or Learning mobile app. Our Portal may refer to this as "linking". When you add other registered Members to your account, you may be required to supply personal information for verification purposes. You will ensure that the other Member holders have given you and us their consent to be linked to your Member on these terms.

    You should note that all additional Memberships may utilize your current entitlements without your prior knowledge. In registering any additional Members you consent to those Memberships accessing your accrued entitlements.

    Other Rewards will not be credited to an Account but will remain on the Member that accumulated them. Other Rewards can only be redeemed by that Membership.
    If you want to add Memberships to your Account, you and your family or friends must nominate one Member as the primary Member ("Primary Member").

    A maximum of 5 Members (including the Primary Member) may be added together.
    If you decide that you no longer want to be a primary or additional Membership to other Member(s), you can remove other Memberships from your account by logging on to our Portal and clicking "unlink your Members".

    A Primary Membership can remove other Member(s) without the other Memberships’ consent.

    If a Primary Membership removes other Member(s), all other Members in the Account will be removed. The current Reward Points in the Account will be credited back to the Membership that accumulated them.

    If a Member, other than the Primary Member, wishes to be removed from the Account, any current Reward Points that they accumulated will be credited to their Member and will not be available for redemption by the remaining Memberships in the Account.

  5. To be eligible to earn any points through Egnatium Office Portal, you must register your Member (see 'How to register your Member' above).

    To earn points you must present your Egnatium Office Portal Member before the transaction is summed at the register. Points cannot be earned or transaction cannot be reversed for the purposes of earning points if the Egnatium Office Portal Member is not presented before the transaction is summed.

  6. You can check the points that you have earned with your Member on our Portal or Learning Mobile app.

  7. You may cancel your Member through our Portal. If a Member is cancelled any Reward Points or Other Rewards not already redeemed by the Membership will be automatically forfeited.

    If a Primary Member is cancelled on an Account, then any additional Members will not be cancelled but will no longer be part of the same Account. Any current Reward Points standing to the credit of the Account will be forfeited.

    If a Member, other than the Primary Member, is cancelled, the remaining additional Members added to the Account will continue to have access to current valid Reward Points recorded in the Account.

  8. By joining Egnatium Office Portal or using your Member or claiming any benefit under the Learning reward program, you will be deemed to have accepted and be participating in Egnatium Office Portal on these Terms and Conditions. We do not exchange Reward Points for cash or gift-Members.

    Your Member is issued by and remains the property of Egnatium. Egnatium reserves the right, at any time without notice, to:

    • Decline to issue Membership
    • On reasonable grounds, withdraw or cancel Members, entitlements to Reward Points, points or Other Rewards
    • Terminate a Membership’s membership in the Learning reward program
    • Terminate the Learning reward program

    Reasonable grounds for withdrawal or cancellation include:

    • any abuse or attempted abuse of the Member or the Learning reward program;
    • any use or attempted use of a Member or Other Rewards in a manner contrary to these Terms and Conditions;
    • any use or attempted use of a Member or Other Rewards for purchases made by a person (other than the primary Membership or any linked Membership)
    • any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty of a Membership in connection with the Learning reward program.

    Any tampering or defacing or unauthorised use of a Member will render the Member invalid.

  9. Egnatium is not liable for:

    • any delay in replacing a lost, stolen Membership particulars.
    • any loss, theft or damage to any documentation in the course of post or delivery of that documentation.
    • the suspension and/or termination of the Learning reward program or ability for Learning reward program members to earn Points.

  10. You acknowledge, consent and agree to the following in respect of your personal information.

    1. How we may collect and hold your personal information: We may collect and hold your personal information in the ways set out in our privacy policy (see details below). This includes,

      • when you:
        • register your Member
        • take part in our learning contents, surveys and testimonials
        • communicate with us online

      • by accessing data from other sources and then analysing that data together with the information we already hold about you in order to learn more about your likely preferences and interests.

        When you visit our Portals, social media pages or mobile applications or click on our advertisements on the online media of other companies, we may collect information about you using technology which is not apparent to you, for example "cookies". For information about our use of this technology, get more detail about Cookie Statement from online articles.

        Most of the personal information we collect and hold about you is from your direct dealings with us but you agree that we may sometimes collect your personal information other than from you directly. For example from other suppliers who, in common with us, have a relationship with you.

    2. The type of your personal information which we may collect, hold, use and disclose: The personal information we may collect, hold, use and disclose is set out in our privacy policy (see details below). This is reasonably necessary for our business functions and activities. This includes personal information of the following

      • your Membership account
      • your personal details for example your name, addresses, telephone numbers, age and gender
      • whether your Member is linked to another person’s member
      • what, how and which brands you buy or have expressed an Learning sharing with us
      • whether you have taken up some of our other offerings, such as membership of our other loyalty programs and our mobile applications
      • any rewards and redemption details applicable to your membership
      • your participation in Other Rewards program
      • your stated or likely preferences, for example whether you may be interested in particular brand or industry.

    3. Why we may collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information: We may collect, hold and use your personal information for the primary purpose of selling and promoting brand survey and services to you sharing range of your Learning,

      • to facilitate your participation in Other Rewards (see above)
      • to learn of your likely preferences so that we may promote brands and services to you in a way which may be of most interest to you; and
      • to assist in investigating your complaints and enquiries,

      We may disclose your personal information to those involved in providing contracted services to us (such as information technology services and mailing functions);Program Affiliates (see section 5 above) and third parties who you ask us to engage with.

      You agree that we may allow your personal information to be shared with those who are within country. Our privacy policy (see the details below) sets out when it is likely that we will do this and the countries of likely overseas recipients where we can practicably specify them.

      We may collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information for other purposes which are within reasonable expectations or where permitted by law.

    4. Consequences of not providing personal information: If you do not enable us to collect, hold, use or disclose your personal information, we may not be able to provide you with the goods or services you request or we may not permit your participation in our promotions or Learning reward program.

      Our privacy policy (see para f. below) contains information about how you can complain about our management of your personal information.

    5. Privacy Policy: We have Egnatium privacy policy. Or we will make a copy of it available to you if you contact us at the details set out above.

  11. Egnatium reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate these Terms and Conditions, the Learning reward program, and any benefits under the Learning reward program at any time. Egnatium will give advance notice of any such circumstance on our Portal, allowing you to cancel your Egnatium Office Portal membership at any time. Where we change the Egnatium Office Portal Terms and Conditions, the Learning reward program or any benefits under the Learning reward program an updated copy of them will be available on our Portal. Continuing to use your Member after the period of advance notice has expired will be deemed acceptance of the amended Terms and Conditions.