EgnatiumTM Office Portal

Egnatium Office Portal is a cloud-based system provides integrated HCM modules to your group of companies across globe to manage their Human Resource needs and Employee management.

This system is designed to work either independently or to integrate with external applications. The application interface module includes Office Portal, HR Operations, Leave Management, Timesheet Management, Payroll and Claim computation.

The complex module bridging data set within this system is mapped to extract data from external data sources.

Office Portal Contacts, an one stop communication platform to integrate with Egnatium™ Office Portal Client employees service accounts. The package includes:

  • Single program is allowed to multiple clients employee digital business card
  • Seamless transfer of existing employee business card with connected customer
  • Two-way message communication between customer and connected staff
  • 4. Appointment schedule with customer related to business services

The Egnatium Office PortalTM package enables you  to balance between operational requirements for people while increasing the competency of your employees.

Office portal is only beneficial  if it fits the operational requirements and nature of your business. The Egnatium Office PortalTM package is tailormade to suit each organisation’s needs.

Download full details of this package or visit the website of the Egnatium Office PortalTM Package now to learn all the benefits this package offers you.